Shanghai In 2 Weeks

Here I come Shanghai

Originally I wouldn’t have thought that I would be going to China yet. I was planning on exploring Vietnam and Cambodia first but sometimes you gotta go with plan B.

So the decision I had to make was Hong Kongo or Shanghai. Why was Beijing not in the mix? The flight time to Beijing was ridiculous to stay there for only a 4 day weekend. I ended up choosing Shanghai though because of the diverse settings I might find there. It has the westernization city feel but also the traditional feel too. At least that’s what I heard from the good old internet. Anyways I’m excited to go!


I’ll be heading out on June 30th and staying until July 4th. I’ll be flying a completely new airline relative to me. The airline is called Juneyao and If anyone has ever flown on this airline leave a comment below!

What I Want To Do There

Movie time. Over the weekend I just invested in a Canon EOS M10 so I’ll be able to make vlogs and movies of my upcoming trips. Expect those to be out the week I get back or maybe sooner depending on the amount of free time I have.

Shanghai Circus World.

This place looks crazy and I have never been to the circus before so I feel like its something I have to do. It’s pretty impressive some of the things that people can do. Now I’m not a super-talented guy so these things really impress me. Next to zoos and aquariums, I think the circus might be another random form of entertainment that I like.

Shanghai Maglev Train

This will be the train that I take from the airport into the city. What is so great about this train? IT’S MAGNETIC and goes to speeds up to 267 MPH making you arrive at the city in only 8 minutes… Yea I’d say that’s pretty cool and an easy thing to knock off the list.

The Bund

The Bund is a long tourist boardwalk from what I hear, that is lined with 1920s look-a -like city buildings. It has many different types of buildings styles such as Gothic, baroque, and neoclassical. What’s cool is that right behind this long street are the modernized buildings of Shanghai where you can compare the differences of the two. The Bund is normally called “The Museum of Buildings“.

Last But Not Least: Nightlife

I am young and free spirited so you know that I’m gonna go out to some bars and clubs. I’ll do some research before and then write a review of the nightlife when I get back. The key to traveling is to be a tourist during the day and then party at night to maximize your time spent there. I always meet the best locals and people when I go to bars. Whether they are from Australia, U.K, U.S, China, India, Dubai, France, Spain, Germany, and so on. I’ve met sooo many different people on my travels and it always amazes me who I’ll find.



Yes. It’s time to finally try some authentic Chinese food that I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Gone are the times of ordering that take out Chinese food you get from your local restaurant down the block. Gone are the times of going into “China Town” to get food. Gone are the times of P.F Changs. Now we’ll be LIVE and IN- STEREO in CHINA. I really hope that I didn’t set the bar too high for the food because I’ll be slightly disappointed if I’m not into it. Although I’m the kind of person who will try anything and everything and like the weirdest things. Food never disappoints me especially when I’m traveling.

More Info:

Accommodation: I will be using Airbnb for my stay due to the cheap prices of apartments.

Trip time: 5 days


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