New Years in Osaka, Japan

“The Iconic Running Man” (picture above)

Osaka, Japan

I would say from my experience in Osaka that it is half party half culture. It is a good middle ground I would say from Kyoto and Tokyo. Tokyo being the place to party and Kyoto being the sightseeing/ culture trip. I really can’t say enough about this place. The food, the locals, Universal Studios, the bars, and culture really are what made the trip so great.

The Abnormally Large Food


Alright, I don’t know what it was about the food around where I stayed but I guess it’s a thing to make the meals HUGE. This was the price of a normal plate of Gyoza for maybe 800 yen at a regular restaurant but instead of giving you 5 or 8 they give you like 52 pieces. It’s just insane that this could feed the whole table and of course we got carried away and also ordered 50 WINGS to go along with this…

A Bowl of Sake….


Really Osaka!? I guess if you go big with the food you gotta go BIG with the Sake as well. So I don’t remember the price of this bowl exactly, but it was cheap and this was for Three people. I’ve personally never been served alcohol out of a bowl before but it sure was an experience, to say the least. As you could guess that served up enough shots for all of us to go into a coma right after eating.

Coming into 2017 HOT

Celebrating the New Years in Osaka Japan is something I believe everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. It is Japanese tradition to party on New years Eve, New years day, and 3 more days after that. Kind of crazy I know. I called it quits after New years eve because Osaka does something special to you. It channels your inner alcoholic being. This made for a very interesting New year day by having a crazy headache all day. It was one of those times you tell yourself I’m never drinking again but of course, that’s not what anyone does.

Leading Up To The Ball Drop

OfCourse since it was New Year’s Eve we had to do a little bit of bar hopping until we found the right place. We started out at a few popular bars in the area to just relax and have a few drinks but as the night went on that’s when things got a little WEIRD. 

There’s Something About Karaoke Bars I Love

At this point in the night maybe two hours before midnight is when we stumbled upon this heavenly karaoke bar. OK maybe it wasn’t all that great but it was the experience that felt great. We were at that point where we slapped 1000 Yen on the table and said to the bartender “Give me whatever is going to get me fucked up“. Responsible? No. Fun? Definitely. We start belting out the Lyrics to “Don’t stop believing” and “Piano Man” thinking were the next best singers in the world.

Weird Bars?

Yea, I don’t even know what to say about this place. It was one of those places you kinda want to go inside just to see but at the same time don’t want to get involved with drugs. I NEVER WENT IN! I just thought it was very odd to see something like this in Japan/ let alone anywhere.


Side Note: 1000 Yen is about 10 USD. I wish I could say I was ballin out but I wasn’t.

The Ball Drop

For the ball drop, we were at this club spending a ridiculous amount of money on overpriced drinks but it was New Years so does it really count? I’m kind of one of those people who just gets lost on the dance floor swinging yourself around thinking you’ve got the best dance moves when in reality you don’t.

To Be honest, after this point I don’t remember that much except for ending up at this McDonalds later on. It was crazy how many people were taking naps at this McDonald too… Not exaggerating this was like the McDonalds lounge.

Universal Studios Japan


If you ever make it out to Osaka I recommend taking a short train trip out to Universal Studios. A 1-day pass will cost you around 7500 Yen or 70 USD which is not a bad price for a theme park. This place has many attractions but it’s not a huge park for roller coasters. They run a lot of shows and their main attraction is probably Harry Potter world which was really cool.

Harry Potter World

If you’re not a huge Harry Potter fan but you’ve seen all the movies or maybe even read the books this is still a really cool place to go. They literally recreate scenes from Harry Potter and it almost feels like you’re on the movie set.

Harry Potter world had everything from little gift shops to roller coaster rides. It’s a good place to spend a couple hours out of your day in Universal Studios.

Jurassic Park World- The Flying Dinosaur

This ride is a must if you’re into roller coaster rides. This ride will take you 360 degrees and all around the Jurassic world park. Unfortunately be ready to WAIT IN LINE for at least 2 HOURS. This is the reason why I refused to go on the ride because I cannot wait in lines that long. If you can, get a Flash Pass so you can skip all the lines at the park.

In Summary

Go to Osaka anytime for a little bit of fun or maybe just to see Osaka Castle. Maybe you want to hit Universal Studios in a different country to see the differences. You would have to go there to really experience all of it. Our 4 day trip to Osaka was plenty amount of time for what we wanted to do.


If you go to Osaka use Airbnb to get a great deal on a small apartment and you won’t end up spending that much money for accommodation. The only thing you would spend your money on here is probably food, attractions like Universal, and shopping. I would say its definitely on par with taking a vacation somewhere in the states for a price comparison.


Where: Osaka, Japan

Accommodation: Personally I would use Airbnb because both trips I’ve taken to mainland Japan I’ve found very cheap apartments that could also fit my friends.


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