My Phuket Adventure And Tips

So you wanna go to Phuket? Well, let me tell you a few things about Phuket first. It is a beautiful Island that hosts some of the best beaches in Thailand. A place you will want to go to if you want to relax or party! Phuket has places to go for every type of traveler.

Getting There

Getting to Patong from Okinawa was about a 12-hour endeavor. We had a flight from Naha to Bangkok which took 2 hours and then a 7 HOUR layover in Bangkok. While there we took a cab to the city to get some food at 1 in the morning. Why? because there’s nothing else to do in the airport except sleep. Going to the restaurant and back and having the driver wait for us at dinner was around 500 Baht.

When we finally arrived in Phuket we took a shared Van down to Patong Beach for about 100 Baht.

Our Accommodation

Trying to find a place to stay in Patong is very easy. Since it is a touristy location there are many hotels, resorts, and hostels available. We stayed at the Ramaburin Resort which I booked using Agoda. Let me tell you, that place was amazing. The 4 of us booked our own rooms and were living like kings for 50 USD a night. Right below the balcony of our rooms was a huge pool and a bar that was run all day.

Accommodation Prices

Like I said looking for a place to stay was not hard so you can stay in a place like that for 50 USD a night. You can also stay in a 5-star Hotel for around 2500 Baht which is around 75 USD a night if you want to ball out lol.

For Budget travelers, you can find places to stay on Airbnb for 300-400 Baht a night. I personally don’t like using Airbnb when I go to Islands or really touristy areas because they will usually have resorts around those areas for good prices. But hey when your on a budget all that matters is a place to stay. Traveling isn’t about staying in the nicest resorts or villas it’s about the experiences and people you meet.

Food And Drinks

The prices for food and drinks are very cheap in Phuket. Depending on where you go you can get a full meal for 130 Baht at a local Thai restaurant. For a meal at a nicer restaurant that serves Western food like burgers and pizza, a meal will cost around 300-400 Baht which still isn’t bad at all. If you want to get fancy you can split a bottle of wine with your friends for 600-800 Baht and still not break the bank. I recommend trying a lot of the local foods because they are really good.

Beer in Thailand is cheaper than water in the U.S. For a Chang beer you can expect to pay around 70 Baht which is like 2 dollars. For a Water at a 7/11 in Thailand, you can pay 10-15 Baht which is 50 cents. I don’t know why the U.S charges so much for water I mean come on.

Bangla Road

Ok, so when I was planning my trip to Phuket one of the recommended places that I was told to go to was Bangla Road. This place is like party central for all those people who want to party. It’s just a long road full of bars, ping pong shows,  clubs, and restaurants. Definitely a really fun place to go for one night if you’re alone or with friends. I wouldn’t recommend this place for a family trip because it can get quite wild there. Not suitable I’d say for the children under 18. When my friends and I went we were cat called all night long by ladies and they tried to drag us into their bars, which was fun but only for our age probably haha. Benefits of being young and free. You really just have to go to this place to see what its like for yourself.

Talk to Locals!

It doesn’t matter if you’re at a bar or at your hotel just start up a conversation with the locals. They usually know the best places to go for any type of adventure you’re looking for. They will also tell you a little about the culture in Thailand and places not to go. One thing I would say though is don’t play connect 4 with the bartenders they are professionals and you will end up losing every time. It’s like getting hustled in pool but only connect 4…


To get from place to place I would recommend getting a tuk-tuk. They are basically just scooters with these side carts attached to them. They are very cheap probably 60 Baht for a decent trip anywhere. When we wanted to go do tourist things we actually just talked to the locals outside our resort and they ended up owning a taxi service. They drove us around the Island for 600 Baht all afternoon which is an amazing deal.

Tiger Kingdom

Have you ever wanted to see a tiger before? If you don’t have the option to go on a safari in Africa then I would say the next best thing is to come here.  I think the tickets cost me 900 Baht which I was gladly going to pay to pet a tiger. Now, these tigers are domesticated and raised there which isn’t the best thing but hey its what ya get. IMG_1387

Lastly The Beaches

There are many many nice beaches in Phuket you just have to know how to get to them. An easy one that is huge is Karon beach which we actually went to and jet skiid there. I wouldn’t recommend Patong beach really if you’re looking for nice well-kept beaches. Patong Beach is very crowded and is not super well kept so don’t go there if you’re looking for a picturesque beach.

One you should go to is Freedom beach which I did not end up going to in my 3 days there but it’s definitely one that I was wanting to go to.


There are a whole lot of things to do and places to go in Phuket so figure out where you want to go and what to do and stick to the plan. I will be making an in-depth guide to traveling Thailand in the future so stick around and safe travels to everyone!





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