It’s More Fun In the Philippines

I’ve heard this quote various times from people who either live in the Philippines or those who travel there often. This was the quote that made me want to go to the Philippines. When going to the Philippines I was looking for a fun yet not too crazy location that also had a beautiful picturesque beach that you always see in the photos. Luckily for me, I knew a master dive instructor who had been there plenty of times so he gave me some good advice.

Bohol, Philippines

Relaxed, Laid back, and stripped of all social media I sat back in my chair with a glass of wine thinking about the bigger things in life.

This the vibe you get when in Bohol. It was one of the most peaceful vacations I had ever had. When arriving in Bohol you will land in Tagbilaran airport which is one of the smallest airports you’ve ever been in but the good thing is you can get through it fast and easy. Maybe 5 minutes tops from getting off the plane and into a cab toward your resort.

Now if you’re going to Bohol you’ll want to stay in Panglao around Alona Beach. I can’t say enough good things about the area and people. It has just the right amount of tourists to the point where the local population is close to greater than the amount of tourists. Before landing try to arrange with your resort a pick-up time at the airport. This way it will be a cheap ride and you won’t have to wait in the heat for a 45-minute cab ride down to Panglao.

The Locals

Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met were in Bohol. One night my friend and I were drinking at the local bar on the beach when he got into a conversation with the bartender about his musical talent. She then proceeded to tell the local band that was playing on the beach about us, and she dragged him out there where the band gave him a hand drum and told him to play! This was also a part of one of those cool fire swinging shows where they have ball and chain and swing them around like crazy.



The Cost

Aside from the fact that a lot of places don’t fly direct to Bohol it was actually very cheap to stay there. We only stayed for 3 days but in those 3 days we saved a lot more than we thought we were going to. A meal at a mid range restaurant with your own bottle of wine was around 20 USD just showing how cheap it can be compared to some other prices around the world. Our room cost we split 50/50 and ended up paying 25 USD each for 2 nights WITH FREE BREAKFAST.


What to do? Where to travel to?

If you don’t want to be a beach bum like myself for 3 days go check out the following

  • The Chocolate Hills

  • Tarsiers

  • Scuba Diving

Although I didn’t do the 3 things listed above they are the most sought after activities to do in Bohol. The diving experience in Bohol is world class and when I get the chance to go back I will definitely dive it.

The chocolate hills are these naturally formed brown hills that look kind of like Hershey’s kisses. Another cool sight to see.

Finally Tarsiers, the world’s smallest primate. These wide-eyed little guys can’t be bigger than your hand I imagine and I’ve heard they are hard to find even in the Tarsier Sanctuary.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the local entertainment on the beautiful white Alona beach either. If I were there for another 3 days I would go do each of the above things on a different day then come back at night to enjoy the local nightlife.


Where: Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

Location: Southeast of Cebu Island in the Central Visayas

Accommodation: Lost Horizon Resort Annex. I also use Agoda (linked at the top of my blog) to book cheap hotels.

Side Notes: The WiFi was very limited unless we were in the hotel so plan to put down the phone for a while and enjoy the locals.



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