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Everyone wants to travel but no one wants or thinks they can pay for it! These are a few ways that can make flights and accommodation more affordable.

1. Agoda -<- Link

Agoda is my number one pick for resorts and hotels. Sometimes you want to upgrade your stay to be a little bit fancier. This is the BEST website to do it with hands down. I recently just used Agoda to book my trip to Phuket Thailand. The resort was amazing and very affordable. Sign up for Agoda and keep on using it because this is where you will get some of the best deals.

2. Skyscanner-

I absolutely love this website and didn’t even know about it until last year. On Skyscanner they cross-reference with almost every airline there is to find you the cheapest and best tickets. Another great thing about Skyscanner is that you can set alerts for specific locations and it will tell you when the price goes up and down.

skyscanner 3

3. Cheapflights-

This is my second go to website to find airline tickets. Why? It’s in the name and they do the same thing that Skyscanner does with the cross-referencing different websites. The only difference is that I noticed Cheapflights sometimes has more local airlines which means better prices.

cheap flights

4. Google Flights-

Google Flights is one of my recently discovered search engines that is amazing for finding cheaper flight dates. What it does is it will tell you when the cheapest days of the month are to fly. It will also tell show you prices for a few months ahead if you are planning a trip in the near future.

skyscanner calender

For the example above if you were to travel on the 16th of June instead of the 14th you would save 13000 Yen which is about 130 USD. This is awesome if you have flexible days to travel.

5. Fly Indirect

A lot of people won’t do this but I’ve found that you can save hundreds of dollars flying into different airports in the same country. For example, fly into Seoul instead of Incheon and you might save $100 on a ticket. Then once you get there all you have to do is take a taxi or short train ride to your destination.

6. Airbnb-

Use the link above to get $40 off your first stay!

If you’re not using Airbnb then you’re missing out on a WHOLE lot of savings. Most mainstream hotels these days charge 100 USD or more a night for a single room. In Bali using Airbnb you can get a WHOLE VILLA for anywhere from 20 – 70 USD a night. That villa could host you and all your friends while you each split the costs. Yea. It’s great.


7. Buy Local food

I just went to Thailand and there I found that some local food is waaaay cheaper than anyone would think. My friends and I ate at a family owned, hole in the wall Thai restaurant. How much did we end up spending? 150 Baht. For those of you who don’t know that’s 4 DOLLARS & 40 CENTS that was for 4 of us. Yea that’s 1 dollar each.

8. Walk

Even though in the Asia area Taxis can be cheap the best way to see the country/locals is to walk. You will save money, burn off the beer, and see more places that you wouldn’t have in a taxi. Some taxi drivers may scam you so watch out for that. I will explain that in a later post.

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