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1. Agoda -<- Link

Agoda is my number one pick for resorts and hotels. Sometimes you want to upgrade your stay to be a little bit fancier. This is the BEST website to do it with hands down. I recently just used Agoda to book my trip to Phuket Thailand. The resort was amazing and very affordable. Sign up for Agoda and keep on using it because this is where you will get some of the best deals.


If you’re not using Airbnb then you’re missing out on a WHOLE lot of savings. Most mainstream hotels these days charge 100 USD or more a night for a single room. In Bali using Airbnb you can get a WHOLE VILLA for anywhere from 20 – 70 USD a night. That villa could host you and all your friends while you each split the costs. Yea. It’s great.

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