How to get your PADI (Scuba) license!


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One of the first things I told myself when I arrived in Okinawa was “GO GET YOUR SCUBA LICENSE” and that I did. My first month on Okinawa I took advantage of possibly one of the cheapest PADI classes around the world. The class was only 6 days long which consisted of 2 nights in the classroom to watch a bunch of instructional videos. Then 4 days actually practicing the dive skills in the pool and in the ocean. If anyone was wondering the amount of swimming skills required to be a diver I will describe them.

  • Swim 200m (any stroke no time limit)
  • Tread water 10 mins (any way you want

Pretty easy test if you have been swimming for a while and even kids can get their license.

so after that, you will start to learn all the essential diving skills like buoyancy control, clearing your mask, diving with a partner, gear assembly/ disassembly, and hand signals. To be honest It was one of the best experiences of my life and now that I have my License I can dive anywhere in the world. You won’t know how great the feeling is to breathe underwater until you try it. Its a whole different world under there where you are not the dominant species anymore.On top of that, the ocean is really beautiful and the fish are friendly (most ). I see sea snakes all the time and have every time I swim as far away as possible haha.

Test it out

There are some PADI instructors who will let you dive with them without having a License to do a beginner dive where they have the tank and you just share their alternate regulator. This is just to see if you are comfortable in the water and would like to pay the fee for a license, pretty good deal I think.

So go out there and find a PADI instructor to get your license!IMG_0241

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