My Phuket Adventure And Tips

So you wanna go to Phuket? Well, let me tell you a few things about Phuket first. It is a beautiful Island that hosts some of the best beaches in Thailand. A place you will want to go to if you want to relax or party! Phuket has places to go for every type of... Continue Reading →

Shanghai In 2 Weeks

Here I come Shanghai Originally I wouldn't┬áhave thought that I would be going to China yet. I was planning on exploring Vietnam and Cambodia first but sometimes you gotta go with plan B. So the decision I had to make was Hong Kongo or Shanghai. Why was Beijing not in the mix? The flight time... Continue Reading →

New Years in Osaka, Japan

"The Iconic Running Man" (picture above) Osaka, Japan I would say from my experience in Osaka that it is half party half culture. It is a good middle ground I would say from Kyoto and Tokyo. Tokyo being the place to party and Kyoto being the sightseeing/ culture trip. I really can't say enough about... Continue Reading →

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