Okinawa Corona Fest

Corona Sunset Festival This weekend I was fortunate to attend Corona Fest in Okinawa. It was a pretty fun event all sponsored by Corona so the only downside was that was the only thing you could drink. There were only 2 artists I had heard of who were playing which were Soul Clap and Autograf.... Continue Reading →

What To Do In Tokyo, Japan

(Picture above) My view as I stand on the roof of the tallest free-standing building in Tokyo with a great view. So you want to go to Tokyo? Tokyo, the capital of Japan is one of the best cities I'veĀ ever been to. To understand this you will need to go there yourself but I will... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Getting Started

Hey! My name is Noah Decaille, I am 20 and currently living in Okinawa Japan. I will be here for another year (have been here for one already) because this is my duty station for the United states Marine Corps (USMC). I want to take this opportunity that I have here to travel as much... Continue Reading →

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